Creating a Multi-Data Chart

You can plot more than one symbol in the same Chart Analysis window.

By default, each additional symbol will plot underneath the other in a separate subgraph. You will begin with a chart analysis window that already has a symbol plotted (base price data) then add a second symbol to the Chart Analysis window without replacing the first symbol.

 VIDEO - Multiple Symbol Analysis in Chart Analysis

  1. Activate a Chart Analysis window.
  2. From the menu, click Data > Add Symbol. The Add Symbol dialog is displayed.
  3. Enter the symbol in the Symbol box or select one from the drop-down list. Click Lookup to do a symbol search.
  4. To customize the symbol, select the Prompt for Editing check box. If you do not select the check box, the symbol is plotted using the default settings.
  5. Click Plot. If the Prompt for Editing check box is selected, the Customize Symbol [symbol] dialog is displayed.

    The additional symbol will be plotted in a new subgraph in the Chart Analysis window.

You cannot combine a symbol using a tick-based data interval with any other type of data interval (for example, you cannot plot one symbol as a 1-tick chart and the other as a 5-minute chart). You can not combine Point & Figure charts with other data intervals.

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