Changing the Vertical Axis Settings on a Chart

When a symbol is added to a chart, it can either be displayed in its own sub-graph or overlaid with one or more other symbols on the same sub-graph. Overlaying multiple symbols on a sub-graph allows you to see relative price movements of the symbols during the same time period.  

  1. Activate a Chart Analysis window that contains at least two symbols in a sub-graph with a right vertical axis (see Overlaying Symbols on a Chart).
  2. From the shortcut menu, select the desired bar associated with the second symbol. Selection boxes appear to indicate that the second data stream is selected. From the shortcut menu, select the Style > Price > Scale on Left Axis menu sequence.

The left vertical axis scale displays the price range for the second symbol while the right vertical axis scale displays price range for the first symbol. Additional symbols can be added to the chart and be scaled according to the left axis, the right axis, or no axis.

  1. To see or change the axis settings, right-click over the left or right axis. A check mark next to a symbol indicates that it is associated with the selected axis. Clicking on the symbol name toggles the axis association on/off.  
  2. Select Display Left Price Axis or Display Right Price Axis to display or hide the axis.
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