TradeStation Help

Clicking and Dragging in a Chart

There are several types of click and drag movements that you can perform in a Chart Analysis window including horizontal scrolling along the time axis, vertical scaling of sub-graph elements, and object-specific movements in and between sub-graphs.

Horizontal Scrolling

Background Dragging

When background dragging is enabled, clicking and dragging on the background of any sub-graph, or on a selected object within a sub-graph, allows you to reposition it horizontally and vertically within that sub-graph.  An object is marked by a series of square boxes when it is selected.  The following selection rules apply to these elements when background dragging is enabled:

You can enable the ability to drag the background of a sub-graph by selecting Background Dragging > Enable from the shortcut menu or by clicking  (Background Dragging button) on the default Chart Analysis window toolbar.  

When background dragging is enabled, clicking disables dragging based on the Restore prior Scale Range when disabling Background Dragging setting on the General tab of View > Chart Analysis Preferences.  When this setting is checked, disabling dragging restores the original scale range of the sub-graph and when unchecked disabling dragging maintains the current scale range of the repositioned sub-graph.  

Also, you can directly select the scale range method to use when disabling background dragging from the shortcut menu or when clicking the (down arrow) to the right of by choosing either 1) Disable and restore original scale range, or 2) Disable and maintain current scale range.

Object-Specific Movements

Selecting (clicking on) an object allows you to use the mouse to drag that object to a new position within the chart. In the case of price bars (symbol data) and indicators, you can drag the selected object to a new sub-graph. For drawing objects, you can drag it to a new position relative to its underlying price data in the sub-graph. An object is marked by a series of square boxes when it is selected. The mouse pointer must be over some portion of the selected object for it to be dragged while holding down the mouse button.

Data Tip

Clicking and dragging on the background of a chart (with background dragging disabled and no other objects selected) will display a data tip near the intersection of the horizontal and vertical cross hairs that track the mouse pointer. You can specify the quadrant in which to display the data tip from the DataTips section of Chart Analysis Preferences > General tab.