TradeStation Help

TradeStation Backup

The TradeStation Backup dialog allows you to set the configurations for backing up your information so that you can easily access and schedule different backups for specific purposes. See Running or Scheduling a Backup Job for more information.

 Access using the menu bar File > Backup/Restore TradeStation > Backup TradeStation menu sequence. The TradeStation Backup dialog is displayed.

See About the Backup and Restore for more information (includes video).

Backup Configurations

Contains the weekly, monthly and custom backups created to save your information.

Backup Component Table

The table displays all components and subcomponents of each TradeStation backup item. The Expand/Collapse button displays and/or hides the subcomponents of each component row. A check mark indicates that the component should be included in the archive file.  

Backup Locations and Backup Scheduling

If Archive(s) with same name already exist  

Scheduling Automatic Backup Job

 Click Start Backup to run the selected backup job, click Close to save your changes or Cancel to exit without changes.The TradeStation Backup Status dialog is displayed informing you that running a backup job will temporarily suspend normal operation.

If TradeStation is open when a backup job is run, either manually or scheduled, the connection to the TradeStation data network will be closed and all TradeStation-related processes will be stopped or frozen so that all necessary files can be included in the archive.  During the backup process, windows will not update, alerts will not trigger, strategy automation will be suspended, and orders may not be placed.  Once the backup job is complete, all open desktops and data network connections should return to their pre-backup state.