TradeStation Help

Notification Preferences

The Notification Preferences dialog allows you to set messaging preferences for TradeStation features that have alert capabilities, such as analysis techniques and news items. If you prefer, you can select multiple notification types simultaneously.  

To access the Notification Preferences dialog:

 Use the View>Message Center menu sequence and then click the Preferences icon on the Message Center toolbar.

 From the Chart Analysis, OptionStation Analysis, and RadarScreen windows; use the the Format>Analysis Techniques menu sequence, click Format, select the Format Indicator - Alerts dialog tab, check Enable Alert, and click Configure.  

 From the News window; choose Format Filter from the right-click shortcut menu, select the News Filter - Alerts dialog tab, check Enable Alert, and click Configure.


Contains the settings to receive sound notifications while you are in TradeStation.


Contains the settings that opens a notification window while you are in TradeStation. You can select a pop-up notification window and set the amount of time it is displayed or you can select a flashing icon displayed in your taskbar.


Contains the settings to send a text message to one or more email addresses or text/SMS cellular numbers.

 Click OK to apply changes or Cancel to exit without changes.