EntriesToday (Function)

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The EntriesToday function returns the number of strategy position entries that were taken throughout the specified date.



Returns (Integer)

The number of strategy position entries on a date.


Name Type Description
TargetDate_YYYMMDD Date Sets the target date, entered in the format "YYYMMDD" or a date related function or calculation.


The EntriesToday function only works in Strategies, and will not work in any other indicator or analysis technique study type. The function is limited to looking back 10 positions, so the maximum number of EntriesToday that could be reported is 10, if there were 10 entries today.

The input parameter can be a constant value like such as 1020601 (6-1-2002), where 102 = 2002, 103 = 2003, 99 = 1999, and so on. It can also reference date related keywords like Date (which returns the current bar date) and CurrentDate (which returns the datafeed date).


Assigns to Value1 the number of entries throughout each day on the chart:

Value1 = EntriesToday(Date);

Assigns to Value1 the number of entries throughout the current day only and then checks for three entries:

Value1 = EntriesToday(CurrentDate);

if Value1 = 3 then …

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